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A unique combination of the methods listed here are just a few of the ways Comtel will effectively manage the marketing and promotion of your web business. We offer many services and custom plans to accommodate our clients individual needs. The list is quite long as we incorporate all of the best and most effective methods to reach our clients goals.

Search Engine Submission - ask us.

High-end service by hand submitting our client's URLs to the top 10 search engines.

Blitz Submission - ask us.

Submission to 800+ additional search engines and directories.

Meta Tags & Site Evaluations - ask us.

Creating additional pages and keyword integration for more successful placement on all search engines and general as well as specific queries.

Testimonial Discussions - ask us.

Engaging strategically targeted chat groups in conversational chat about your products and or services as testimonials for your company. Testimonials are the strongest form of advertisement a company, product or service can have.

Selling Pages - ask us.

Creating updated and attractive pages that will compliment your current site structure to increase the sales and marketing of your company, your products and or services.

News Group Postings - ask us.

Reaching and Hand submitting URLs to applicable newsgroups for maximum exposure.

Banner Exchange Programs - ask us.

Creating banner advertising, partnerships, placement and tracking. A banner is an advertisement billboard that is displayed on other sites as a link back to its home site. Exchange programs are set up to link banners with other sites that are willing to swap banners for exposure.

Strategic Linking - ask us.

This is a service where by non-competitive complimentary industry sites are contacted to exchange links with each other. Specific URL's are contacted and negotiations are entered into for placement.

Direct Email Campaigns - Members/Customers - ask us.

Members/Customers of your site are already interested in your products or services. It is important to contact your database of Members/Customers on a regular basis to keep them abreast of your business to generate revenue or usage of your site.

Media/Advertising Campaign - ask us.

We arrange for advertising on the world's best-known Web sites. Targeting customers by content and interests geared toward your site.

Newsletter Service - ask us.

This promotional tool is an excellent way to inform and update your clients/customers of changes or newsworthy happenings about your industry. Creation, layout and copy/content are then created and ready to distribute to your database and new prospects.

Privacy Statements - ask us.

Privacy is the number one concern of consumers on the Internet. If your customers trust you to handle their personal information in a responsible manner, you can do better business.

Direct Email Campaign - Visitors - ask us.

Visitors to your site will have an opportunity to enter their email address for additional information. These email addresses are then used in a direct email campaign to turn prospects into clients or customers of your business.

Opt-In Email - ask us.

Using email to distribute information or advertisements about a URL, its products and or services to email addresses that have requested to be sent this information. Lists of addresses can be purchased.

Website Announcements - ask us.

There are sites that post announcements about new websites. These are used for new sites and sites that have added or merged with other sites, bringing about a change in the current worthy of announcing to the public.

Affiliate Program - Setup and Participate - ask us.

Many companies are interested in capitalizing on other sites products and services. They do this by offering links on their sites and receive a commission when customers link to a site via the link from their site and make a purchase. This is a two step process, setting up your site to become an affiliate and joining programs or affiliating with other sites.

Competition Watches - ask us.

This is a service to monitor our client's competitors online by tracking the competitions search engine placement and keyword search queries. We believe that keeping friends close and your competition closer is a virtue! We will watch and track your top 3 competitors so that you can make sure you go everywhere they do and beyond!

Activity Reports - ask us.

Do you know where your visitors are coming from? When visitors come or how long they stay when they get there? How about the way they search your site for valuable information? All of these questions are a vital part of having a successful website. Knowing the answers will help you leverage your site and its potential! Once the marketing campaign begins we can perform wide in-depth analysis to get these answers and many more to monitor all the success.

Classified Advertising Submissions - ask us.

Submitting to Classified advertising allows for posting of your URL and a description of your products and services within many related categories. This will generate interest in your URL from potential clients/customers looking for specials on your products and services. There are both free classifieds and pay for listing service classifieds.

Cyber PR - ask us.

Creating a public relations campaign, press releases and obtaining coverage from industry leaders.

"Strategic Marketing Plans"

Comtel has a cost effective solution to fit your online marketing needs.

We have different fee arrangement that can be customized to your business needs, these can include: retainers, flat fees, monthly, quarterly and annual fees, as well as sales percentages if applicable. We pay agency commissions of up to 20%.

If you have any questions or require additional details on any of the services listed, please do not hesitate to ask us. We firmly believe in assisting our clients!