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about us

What is it that sets Comtelinc.net apart from the competition?

We don't want to brag about our equipment being the best of today's technology (although it is), nor that we are offering the cutting edge in design and marketing (although we are).

What we pride ourselves for most is the relationship with our customer, the MOST important factor in this business. If you ever got caught for endless minutes with the on-hold music while waiting for customer support then you know what we're talking about. With our friendly technicians you will feel that choosing Comtelinc.net for all of your Internet needs was a smart move.

Comtelinc.net is offering several pre-defined hosting plans as well as custom plans. You can find additional details about our plans on the hosting page.

You also have the opportunity to co-locate your server at our location and/or purchase a dedicated high speed connection from us, at the lowest prices in the industry.

Our consultants will assist you in integrating the Internet with your day-to-day business. From a very elaborate shopping cart, to providing you and your customers with secured link servers for encrypted credit card transactions, you will see that Comtelinc.net is your all-in-one Internet Commerce Solution. Web design is another ace in our pocket. Let us give your web site the cutting-edge corporate look or makeover that can give you and your business an improved image, as well as increasing your sales through a professional approach to the most rapidly growing marketplace ever: the Internet.

Programming should not be left a side. Comtelinc.net has a team of professionals specializing in Internet programming such as data base integration, custom network portable software, ColdFusion, ASP, Perl, C/C++, Java, SQL, Visual Basic... you name it!